a perfect corner

Appreciator of corners professional or Amateur?

Addicted to corners or simply having a professional corner habit?

Welcome to the perfect corner appreciation society, here you will get the suited medication “a perfect corner volume 1-8”.

160 Corners that will have a soothing effect on your ”right angle” dependance.

In 8 perfect volumes you will wander from room to room( 20 pages per volume) and find a theatre to relax and find peace with your compulsion.

the complete collection of perfect corner volume 1 to 8

Volume 1: The introduction to the collection of perfect corners
Volume 2: Bedrooms
Volume 3: Living rooms
Volume 4: Home office
Volume 5: Stairways
Volume 6: Stoves
Volume 7: Gardens
Volume 8: Complex Rooms (Recursions, Room in Rooms)

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