palmoid 29

I tried to sell art
It did not work!

I tried to monetize my drinking habit.
The steward did not want my delirious drawings.
I kept the drawings, paid for the beer and left the vessel.

I tried poetry
I got paid more
Writing: echo “Hello World!”;
I tried to sell my code but the merchant would pay me with chickens
I wasn‘t ready to evaluate the deal.

I tried to sell her an hand-stitched book,
an humorous story about a shoe collector.
She would get twice the amount of book at any cornershop.
More words,
More adventures.

When I started to draw bills
The child asked me if it was not forbidden to sell money.
I tried to explain.
Then I drew on Benjamin himself hoping we would both laugh!

Can I go back please
and reevaluate the value of chickens?

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